Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How To Be A Woman

Steve Pavlina wrote an article titled "How To Be A Man" and encouraged others to create the article "How To Be A Woman".

And so I did.
How To Be A Woman

Redefine strength and power.
Strength is displayed in many ways and true power lies in willing decisions. Sometimes we stand up. Sometimes we sit down. But we will not be passive victims, bitter martyrs, or gloating victors. We recognize our ability to choose and the importance of understanding the situation, the self, and good timing.

Tend to your own needs so that you may continue to meet the needs of others.

Speak up and be quiet.
Seeing the connections within the larger picture, women possess amazing perspective. However, this vision can give or take away life. Speak up against real injustice, but do not grumble about the inevitable struggles of life.

Understand forgiveness.
Giving with expectation can lead to pain. As Krishna Murti said, “Attachment causes suffering”. Forgiveness is a one-sided act that releases a woman from those unmet expectations and the painful bonds of hurt and shame. Let it go.

Experience sex fully.
While the man is encouraged to guide his focused sexual energy and use it to the full by dispersing it to the broader areas of his life, a woman gains refreshment and focus when she gathers her energies that she has divided and spread over so many areas and so many needs, and draws them together to experience empowering sexual energy.

Be comfortable being uncomfortable.
Do not cater to societies whims that say you are either a worthless creature or a goddess. A true woman appreciates her uniqueness, recognizes her limitations, celebrates her strengths, and challenges it all!

Do not hurry and do not stop. (Shinichi Suzuki)
The joys and the struggles of the woman’s life are never ending. While the man is in the sprint, using his passions to propel him to the next goal, the woman is in a marathon. She does not give in to life-draining panic or momentum-halting inaction. She is in a rhythm and continues to continue.

Receive and give love.
A complete woman does not demand love, take love, portion out love, expect love, or hope for love. Her faith tells her that it is there abundant and she receives and gives it freely.

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Paulus Davidus said...

Heya, Cathy,
This is an interesting contrast; you have thoroughly noted, through your response to Pavlini's list for the men, the differences between the gender's identities. Brava! Too often, we are subjected to how men and women are not so dissimilar, and yet, both genders have their strengths, their needs, their comforts, their tendencies, etc.
Thank you for taking a stand on identifying a woman's identity as being distinct and unique from a man's!
This is not a bad thing; identifying each respective gender's needs, fulfillments, and contrasting states of stability, you have given us the opportunity to release that which is incongruous to our respective identities, and embrace that which completes our unique selves.
Some insightful thoughts here: thank you for sharing.